Björn Benny & Agnetha Frida ‎– Ring Ring



This early Ulvaeus/Andersson hit is notable because it gave ABBA their first massive success in Europe outside Sweden. Although “Ring Ring” is a much simpler affair than later ABBA songs like “Mamma Mia” or “The Name of the Game,” it displays the melodic inventiveness and the knack for insidiously catchy pop hooks that Ulvaeus and Andersson have shown throughout their careers. Utilizing a simple but well-crafted story line lyric penned by pop songsmith Neil Sedaka with his partner Phil Cody, “Ring Ring” takes its tale of a lonely girl waiting for a phone call from a suitor and pumps it up into an operatic slice of pop that builds from soft but emotional verses into a full-throttle chorus full of frustrated yearning. Ulvaeus and Andersson also throw in a surprising minor-key break in the middle of the chorus that gives the song an added emotional kick before its final line. The latter element adds an unusual richness to “Ring Ring” and thus makes it a good example of the densely layered but easily accessible pop craftsmanship that made ABBA international favorites.

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