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The 1964 surf classic “The Endless Summer” is known by surfers of all ages all over the world.

Bruce Brown, along with Mike Hynson and Robert August roamed the world in search of the perfect wave. Their adventures, recorded by Bruce Brown's camera takes them to Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tahiti, Australia, Hawaii etc… Their trip around the world took about three months.

Bruce Brown shot over 9 miles of film from which he produced the 16mm version of “The Endless Summer” which was originally narrated live to surfing audiences all over the West Coast.

In 1966 the film was “blown up” to 35mm and released in theatres through out the world and established “The Endless Summer” as the classic surf movie of all time.

The 1964 LP became an international “surf music” classic

We had a great time recording this music. We hope you will enjoy listening to it!

~The Sandals

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