Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force ‎– Odyssey (Still Sealed)



New “Still Sealed”

The collaboration of Joe Lynn Turner and Yngwie Malmsteen make this album a classic in my book. The songs are perfectly crafted, which says a lot for an artist who is known as a guitar virtuoso, but a mediocre songwriter. In fact, this is the only album by Yngwie Malmsteen where the songs are equal in appeal to his guitar mastery.
From the opening cut to the final note, this album is a winner. The prerequisite themes of dragons, fire and medieval times are touched on, but not with the frequency of Yngwie's other albums such as Marching Out and Trilogy. Instead, Joe Lynn Turner tempers Yngwie's “mystical” view with a little romanticism that plays very well on this release. “Dreaming” and “Now is the Time” are probably the best examples of this blend, while “Heaven Tonight” is possibly the most overproduced and dated of all of the tracks. “Heaven Tonight” screams “…made for radio.”
The vocal performance is outstanding, the musicianship is top notch, and the work as a whole definitely deserves five stars. Bravo! Encore!

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